Saturday, July 30, 2016

Update 30th July

Welcome to another edition of Tadhg TV

Saturday : Channel 4 at 8pm

Britain's favourite superhero

Well this will be a super show about super heros  I wonder who will win is supermen still super or are people bats about batman!

Sunday : Network 2 at 2pm

The Sunday Game 

I know for a fact we are all hoping for some Kerry Gold this Sunday in Croke Park,!

Monday TV3  at 9pm
Celebrity Big Brother

Well they all entered the den of iniquity last night it's a real mixed bag of contestants this year I would name a few of them but I forgotten their names already

Tuesday : Sky Atlantic 9:30

Vice principals

Sitcom about two teachers battling it out to become principal of a high school but it's not as funny as the times and fantastic memories we all have of the legendary St. Mary's College 

Wednesday : Channel 4 9pm

Gogglebox brexit special

They are back for a one off on their views in relation to Brexit

Thursday : Netflix

Strange things

This is the show people are going strange over its a great story great cast too

Friday : Carrick Cinema 

Suicide Squad

Well this is the summer blockbuster of the year, its important because the joker is in it for the first time since the legend himself Heath Ledger no pressure Leto ha it's going to be a killer of a film not a croc

I though that gun control was bad in the states till I  saw Phil Mitchell been handed a gun straight away. Babe is up to her tricks again the only trick I want to see her do is vanishing act

Coronation Street 
Gail is worried about David's sanity   I reckon it's 20 years too late 
Leanne is having a child for Steve McDonald I hope it has better fashion. Sense then granny Liz

Thanks it for this week 
Remember this weekend drink local as well as shop local 

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