Sunday, September 11, 2016

Update 10th September

Sky sports 12 pm
Manchester derby
Now this is going to be an absolute cracker of course my beloved Man United will win

ITV 9pm
It is an 8 part series about Victoria when I read the RTE guide it said it tells the story of a young girl who wins the hearts of the British I though it was about Posh Spice!

TV3 9:30
Red Rock
Well this soap is back and it's changed to an 9:30 time slot every Monday night which means it can only improve well you would like to think so anyways

Set and filmed in Colombia, this fantastic show tells the story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, now the only thing it's all In Spanish but of course Those of us who were lucky enough to go to the legendary St Mary's in Boyle are at an advantage when it comes to this show with the Spanish we all were though!

RTE 110:45
The Night Manager
This show is one of the best shows I watched the year it's based on a class book and there is a brill cast in it!
Thursday Itv2 10 pm Celebrity juice
Well this mad and fun panel show is back on our screens presented Keith Lemon Aided and abetted by holly and fern

South Park
Cement Central
Yes the must offensive' rude but very funny show is back on our screens all your old favourites are in it it's offensive but it's not 1/2 as bad as Tubbers conducting an interview on the late late!


So Phil was on his deathbed again and tells grant about mark been his son at least I think he did because I didn't fully get it as he mumbled it!

Coronation street
Well we all heard the joke about the actress and the bishop but what about the shop assistance and the vicar
Also David Platt is a man on a mission and it's not to convince Gail to get a hair cut! Emmedale
Belle was upset when she woke in the hospital but if I woke up and saw Lisa dingle standing beside me I would be upset too ha

Thanks it for this week
Enjoy the weekend

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