Sunday, September 4, 2016

Update 3rd September

Utv 8:15
X factor
So it is back the only singing compitation I know where the judges are more important then the contestants themselves I see Louis Walsh is back this year and by the signs of it he celebrated by getting a facelift

Network 2
Hurling final
This is going to be a classic and we will see some lovely hurling I wonder is this the year the cats get skinned

Utv 9pm
Cold feet
Yes this  classic show returned to our screens with all the original cast including Belfast boy Jimmy Nesbit now I wonder were any of the cast nervous about returning as the characters I bet some of them had cold feet!

Always sunny in Philadelphia
Now every week I am going to include one show which is exclusively on Netflix so this is a comedy about lads who own a bar and they are aided and  abetted by an actor I got mistaken for on more then one occausion - yes you guested it of course I'm talking about Danny Devito

Rte 1 9:30
Celebrity operation transformation
Yes it's a celebrity version of the feel good TV  I was going to apply for the normal show but I think even Harry Potter himself would find it hard to transform me at this stage!

TV3 9:30
Small town
This is a new 3 part drama from TV3 but don't let that out ya off it because it stars the legend himself Pat Short

BBC1 8:30
One of the best panel shows is back the premise is each contestants is handed a card and must read exactly what's on the cards the opposing team must decide of they were telling the truth or lying! For some reason I think some of our local TD's would  be very good at this game'

That's it for this week
Any TV recommendation shout

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