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Update 24th December - Christmas Eve

Hello ho ho ho and welcome to Tadhg TV! 

Christmas Eve

• RTE 1 
Home Alone 
Well Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without this absolute classic 'a comedy about a 10 year old left in the house where he takes on 2 bungling robbers with proper slapstick comedy galore!

• Tv3 
Blankety Blank 
A very welcome return for this quiz show which contestants have to guess the celebrity's answers the new host is the brilliant David Williams who we all love and in my opinion is more than capable of stepping into the massive presenting shoes of Terry Wogan!

Christmas Day

• BBC 1 
3;10 pm
The massive Disney movie is making it's debut on TV and I'm sure it will get a very warm reception from kids young and old!

• RTE 1 
Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special 
It's the mother of all Christmas special filled with one-liners and fun for all the family!
Steamin days (Miller time)

• BBC 1 7pm
The Great Christmas Bake Off
Bake off is back with a few Christmas treats and you can judge who has the best mince pies
(yak yak yak )

• RTE 1 9:35
Well it's one of the best irish movies in recent years and it's starring Boyle's own Chris O'Dowd


• BBC 1  6:30
Revolting rhymes 
Roald Dahl's fantastic take on classic  nursery rhymes are brought to life by  the best Britain has to offer! 

• Network 2 9pm
The hobbit  the desolation of smaug
Well of you like The Lord Of The Rings you would want to make a 'Hobbit' of watching this movie!

• Channel 5 7pm
Worlds strongest man 
Another festive favourite is watching the worlds strongest man ! 
No needs for any of these boys to have the AA as if their car breaks down they can push it to the nearest garage themselves 

• BBC1 9:20 
Give my head peace the farce awakens 
Another return and it's northern Ireland's favourite family including the man himself Uncle Andy! 


• RTE1 1:40 
Grumpy old men 
This comedy stars jack lemmon and Walter Matthau as bickering neighbours! 

• TV3  9pm
Goggle box 
Highlights of the surprise hit of year gogglebox Ireland features all your favourites 


• Channel 4 7pm
Noel's sell or swap live 
This is the new show fronted by Noel Edmonds well channel 4 gave him a few options and it was up to noël himself to say deal or no deal!

• BBC 1 8:30
Captain america the winter soldier 
It's a MARVELious  movie this with captain America who aims to save Americas from evil I reckon we could certainly do with him at the moment!


There is going to be Maximum drama on the square this Christmas! 
Phil Mitchell wants a liver for Christmas but will he get one in time!
Will the New Year's Day wedding end happily ever after ha I doubt it very much!

Coronation street 
You Betters be ready  for a  surprise return to the cobblers Christmas Day!
Peter and nick have a fight maybe because nick told me it was closing time! 
I've  a Pheelan it wouldn't be a happy Christmas for some residents!

That's it for this week 
Remember on Christmas Day turn off the TV for a while and spend time with your family and friends because that's what Christmas is really about!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas 
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