Friday, December 9, 2016

Update 10th December

Tv3 8pm
X factor 
It's the final weekend but unfortunately it's not the final final 
This year's winner will join all the previous winners that noone can remember

Rte 1 6:35
Ireland's Fittest Family
This is the best show rte have on at the moment which isn't saying much really!

Sky 1 8pm
This is a super week for fans of superheros because all supermen and ladies are appearing in all 4 shows at 8pm monday to Thursday sky one

Tv3 ,7:30
The Royal Variety Performance 
Well the best of British take the stage including Gary barlow  and robbie williams will entertain you!

BBC 1 9,pm 
Henry the 8th Wives
This show is about the wivesof Henry the 8th and will answer the question - where was Ann bowlynn beheaded 
Answer ... just below the neck haha!! 

BBC 1 9pm
The Apprentice
It's the interview stage already and all Irish eyes will be on "Gran ya" (the way the narrator pronounces her name)

Channel 4 8pm
Alan Carr's Happy Hour 
Alan Carr is full of crack in this new show  there is full of fun.rte were going to do a show called ray Darcy,s happy hour but there wasn't enough Prozac available


Phil Mitchell is getting more like homer Simpson every week Sharon said they are all behind him she forgot to say each one with a knife to stab him in the back
Now lee carter and his work colleges from the call centre organised s robbery so obviously not get didn't  get their Christmas bonus 
Patrick Truman proved his was a true gentleman this week

That's it for this week 
Enjoy the weekend and I must say Boyle is looking class and the lights are lovely 
All the best as always 

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