Sunday, May 14, 2017

Update 14th May

Welcome to another edition of Tadhg tv you lucky people

BBC 1 8pm
Yes it's that time of year again where Europe is united and every country votes for its neighbouring country! Graham Norton's commentary will have you in stitches! Unfortunately no Ireland again this year but what's another year!

RTE  1 ,9:30
This is the EastEnders spinoff filmed in Waterford which   sees kat and Alfie moon go in search for kat,s long lost son who she forgot she had up to a few months ago! 
Remember in the 90s EastEnders came to Ireland where we meet the drunk Irish relation and livestock rooming the streets of Dublin! Hopefully the BBC learned their lesson and there are no leapracuns in the  show!

American Gods 
Amazon/ showbox
This show is very good but not for the easy offended let's put it this  it makes game of thrones look like nationwide

Channel 4 9pm
One Born Every Minute
This is a show set in hospital and focusing on mother's and baby's what I can't understand if there is one born every minute why is the show only on for a few episodes a year

Sky living 9pm
Gray's Anatomy
This is apparently like an American version of casualty but the doctors and staff are way better looking!

Carrick Cinema
Guardians of the galaxy 2
This is the funniest movie I saw in year's it's a comic book based movie but it focuses heavily on comedy so even if you don't know your comics you will really enjoy the movies and the brilliant soundtrack!

Sky 1 9pm
Honestly I was not impressed with this new sky drama in my opinion it would be far more entertaining  if it was based in Jamestown County Leitrim

Fair city
This week was a great week in fair city because it was only on once
The script writers need a break after working on the same storyline for the last year
Sunday is the big night it's on for an hour and Katie might get out I mean she is been held hostage so long I think I had hair when she was kidnapped

That's it for this week
All the best

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