Friday, May 19, 2017

Update 19th May

Welcome to another edition of Tadhg tv written as always in the best possible taste

Tv 3 8pm
Britain's Got Talent
The best talent show of the year is at its best at the stage with acts ranging from comedies to singing dogs band Susan Boyle and everything else

Network 2 1:15
The Sunday Game
It's great the summer sports are starting this weekend I'm looking forward to seeing Roscommon win Sam this year!

Channel 4 9pm
The Trial
This is on all week at 9pm on Channel  4. It's a fictitious case with real actors and a jury if  it's popular they might make more of it but it's firstly going to be a trial run!

Sky Atlantic 11:10
This hit US comedy centres around a female president of America and her misadventures but remember life is stranger then fiction

Tv 3 7:30
Europa League Final
I will be cheering on my beloved Manchester United and it will be a special one if United win on the night

The Halcyon
This drama was on ITV  earlier in the year it's really enjoyable and it's set in a London hotel during the second world war!

Sky 1 8:30
Modern Family
I know I talk about this comedy a lot but it's one of the few comedies where you are guaranteed a laugh
And it's a great cast with great scriptwriters


Fair City
Its  lucky chill money is sponsoring the show because Now he has 2 of the O'Brien's  kidnapped
The parents will need a loan to pay the ransom
Rose is suffering from memory loss the actress was in Glenroe now I bet she wishes she could forget when she agreed to be in Fair Cityl

Ian Beale​  is diagnosed with diabetes and him in the cafe it's a bit like Phil Mitchell taking over the Vic
Denise was in the food bank obviously mutton dressed as lamb was on the menu because Cora was dishing it out

Coronation Street
Nick is turned nasty again  it's not easy to watch mainly because he is such a bad actor
Bethany downward spiral  is ingoing what asked why she is doing what she's doing she answered she wants to be like her mother

Red Water
Kat never coped her son was the priest I know  straight away the leopard print collar was a big give away.
It's a little 'orish' but it's well done and good crack

That's it for the week
All the best

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