Friday, August 11, 2017

Update 11th August

BBC 1 10:30
Match Of The Day
Well the summer is over and the premiership is back with all the fun and excitement we expect from Man United

RTE 1 2.45
The Sunday Game
time for some lovely hurling with Cork and waterford on the card well if it's half as good as last Sunday we are in for a cracker

Game of Thrones
Well things are going well this season I know its nearly over for good but not before this epic show provides a few more shocks

BBC 2 8pm
The Big Family Cooking Show
A new show(ish) where contestants cook Family favorites and each week someone will leave the show. It reminds  me of another show but I can't put on chocolate finger on it

Sky Atlantic 9pm
Ray Donovan
Big Ray and the family are back. Now in my humble opinion this is the best show to hit our screens since poor ole Tony Soprano

BBC 2 10 pm
The Mash Report
Another comedy based on the week's events and the way things are at the moment they will not run out of material anytime soon

Channel 4 10pm
Cats Do Countdown
I love this hybrid the only thing is they don't play any rounds till after they introduce the contestants which takes at least 20 minutes


Fair City
Trigger is in pain now he knows how the viewers feel
One of the babies Sasha was minding was obviously a doll and it out acted all the cast hands down.

Mick and Linda are under pressure at the moment Linda asked the question what attracted him to Whitney well it wasn't her sparkling personality anyways
Max branning has a new girlfriend or 2 and his only back  in it a week.

That's it for this week

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