Friday, August 4, 2017

Update 5th August

Welcome to my tv highlights for the week

Nothing on tv so why not head into town and enjoy the rock the clock festival. there is music from 10pm and a firework display at 11pm everyone should try to support the lads and together we will make Boyle great again

BBC1 9pm
This is the final for this year my big question is will Ross every take off the hat.

Network 2 2pm
Roscommon vs Mayo
Roscommon are playing Mayo again and I wonder when we beat Mayo will Andy Moran declare for the Rossies.

BBC 1 9pm
Trust Me
New BBC drama about  a person who goes to a hospital and poses as a doctor in the emergency department. If it was Ireland the hospital would not question but would be delighted to see the extra pair of hands.

Channel 4 8pm
Animal Rescue Live
This show is on all week with the super vet himself Noel Fitzpatrick. He is attempting to rehome a number of different animals. I really hope he is successful as animals are fantastic they have absolutely no agenda like many human's do.

All round to Mrs Brown's
This is an extremely welcome repeat for The mother of all comedies.
Angus like any Irish mother's will never let ya down.

3E 8:30
Celebrity Big Brother
Just when ya thought it was safe to switch on the TV the doors of the big brother house are flung wide open.
This year the so called celebrities include Barry from Eastenders and mediun Derek Acorah. 
Last night Derek tried to contact the dead but had to explain to Barry that Pat Butcher was only dead on tv but unfortunately this acting career is well and truly  gone.


Well Lisa is unstable but I know that years ago I mean she was married to PHIL for years.
Phil's holiday did him the world of good he was relaxed when he came back about as relaxed as a bull in a China shop.
Whitney has come back to the square along with Woody as in would he marry her if he know the truth about Mick.

Coronation Street
When the shop keeper found out his girlfriend was seeing Kevin Webster behind his back he was upset in fact you could say he was DEVastated.
Peter Barlow took over a pub which would be a bit like me opening a sweet shop where I would be my own best customer.
Now it's rumoured that Rita is leaving so I wonder who will go into her kabin.

Fair City
Carol's dad is playing up a good bit you should say his trigger happy. Charlotte feels she can't trust Oisin well there's some advice how do ya know when he is lying.... when he opens his mouth

That's is for the week
Remember to drink local as well as shop local
Enjoy your WEEKEND


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