Saturday, November 9, 2019

Update 9th November

Hello and you're very very welcome to another full pack edition of  TadhgTV

Celebrity X Factor
The X Factor is back this year but with a little bit of a twist it features so called celebrities so at least we do not have to sit down and listen to a contestant saying I am doing this for my dog who passed away 6 months ago.
I wonder who will win it will it be the ex footballer ? The lady who appears on a quiz show or the person who was in GLEE.

They Shall Not Grow Old
I honestly cannot recommend this show enough it is just fantastic it uses footage from World War 1 and match it is with audio from the Imperial War Museum.
I think every child going to school and studying history should have to watch this show because it's so well done the story is brought to life by Peter Jackson who is in The Hobbit of making good productions .

RTE 2 
The Young Offenders
The lads from Cork are back for a second season and if it is half as good at the first one we are in for a right good laugh.

Sky one 
The Dark Knight
Now this is my 3rd favourite movie of all time after Blazing Saddles and the Naked Gun
Now as much as  I'd love to go into great detail about Blazing Saddles I  will have to wait for another time
The  Dark Knight is about Batman and the Joker played by late great  Heath Ledger
You would be a clown to miss it

RTE Player
The Late Late Show
You all know my opinion on the Late Late Show at this stage but this is a very special show in tribute to Gay Byrne  featuring all of Ireland's   best musicians and Bob Geldof

Channel 4
The Accident
This drama Stars  Raquel from Coronation Street. So the story is a group of teenagers play in an abandoned mine and and hence the title are involved in an accident I am sure that Channel 4 Executives are looking at the viewers reaction and viewing figures and thinking that was an accident  commissioning the show in the  first place

Children In Need
Yes it's that time of year again from BBC. Pull out all the stops for a night of entertainment comedy and music all in aid of very worthy causes. 
Its hard not to think of the legend himself Terry Wogan while watching this as you all know this was always his annual TV outing  

Now I  will leave it at that for this week
Hope you all HAVE a great weekend

Happy viewing

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