Friday, April 24, 2020

Update 25th April

Hello and your very welcome to tadhg tv. This week I am handing over control to Zoe Kearney who is 13 and little Eoin Kearney who is the big 9. 

Zoe picked : 

Alexa and Katie 
This is a very good show about a girl who gets cancer and how her best friend helps her through it

Wednesday 9.35
Operation Transformation 
I think this programme Very entertaining and funny also its good to see different people coping and seeing their routine during the lockdown

Eoin picked the following :

The Main Event. 
I really enjoyed this movie about a little boy who finds a magic mask which made him very strong so he becomes a wrestler and his name is Kid Chaos. His main rival is a big fella called Samson who's manager puts slippy stuff on the floor but Kid makes it through to the final which is in a cage but before the match Samson's manager swops the mask. 
You will have to watch the movie to see how it ends !!

Shaun the Sheep 
Now its Shaun the sheep as Eoin's second recommendation apparently the sheep are making pizza in the first episode - I seriously doubt they turn out great

That's it for this week folks 
A massive thank you to Zoe and Eoin 
Who did fantastically 
All the best

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