Saturday, April 4, 2020

Update 4th April

This week its Tadhg TV takeover week!!
So I am going to hand you over to Kyran Downes
Who is in 5th class and a little legend. He is one of my many honorary nephews.
So over to you Kyran

Howya all, hope ye are keeping well Tadhg asked me to do a few reviews and it sounded class so here a few that I think are worth a watch.

It’s an American programme that I was hooked on, I loved it, personal trainers take a partner and every week they face off. If you lose in a challenge you are sent home. In my opinion its class, it’s on Netflix so no one will be stopping you watching it

It’s a movie with two of my favourite actors Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson or the Rock it’s a good movie and its worth a watch and this one is also on Netflix

The Simpsons
Sky always seems to have the Simpsons on and when you are awful bored its always there for a good laugh. And who doesn’t like the Simpsons

Room To Improve
Dermot Bannon hosts the programme and It's surprisingly interesting it’s on Virgin Media 1

Thanks Tadhg for asking me to do this ... Bye and wash your hands.

Top lad Kyran that was brilliant 
But  you are been spoiled this week
Because I also have a fantastic drawing of Bart Simpson himself by another little legend and honorary nephew Daithi McKeon 

Thanks again to the 2 little legends 

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