Saturday, May 16, 2020

Update 16th May

Welcome to another edition of Tadhg TV
This is another takeover week so I am now going to hand you over to this week's contributors 

Freya Clarke 13 years old.

The Fuller House on Netflix
I started watching this when the COVID-19 lockdown started.  This programme is about a single mother to three children and her sister Stephanie.  Other key characters are her lifelong friend Kimmy Gibbler who is also a single mother and her teenage daughter who all live together at the Tanners’ childhood home in San Francisco, California.  It follows all these characters and their crazy lives daily.  I like the ending theme song to the episodes, it is called “Everywhere you look”

Carly Clarke 9 years old.

Victorious on Nickelodeon/Netflix
I started watching this programme when I was 7 years old.  It is about a sixteen-year-old girl singer, her name is Tori Vega and she attends Hollywood Arts High School with her friends and sister. Carly’s favourite actor is Cat (Ariana Grande) and she also likes her songs. The teenagers in school are always planning different activities.      

Grace Clarke 6 years old.

Horrid Henry on Nickelodeon

This programme is about a very naughty boy called Henry who is always up to mischief.  Henry has a brother called Perfect Peter.  Henry is always getting into trouble at home and in school.  Henry and Peter are always fighting and of course, it is always Henry's fault.


Well that's it for this week as you the see the girls did fantastic !! 

Stay safe everyone 


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