Saturday, May 23, 2020

Update 23rd May

Welcome to another Tadhg TV
This week Paul Carroll and his sister Rachel are taking over the blog 

Paul’s choice (age 8)
Space Jam - Netflix
love this film and it taught me about lots of sports.
I love Michael jordan and Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
Michael jordan is a basketball player and he is in The Last Dance too.
He is very strong and I like his slam dunks and shooting baskets.
Bugs bunny and his pals play a game of basketball against aliens.
It was really funny. I think people that love sport would enjoy this film. I hope you all like it!

Rachel’s choice (age 11)
Horrible Histories - Netflix
A gory and gruesome guide to the past and with a talking rat as your host you could be in tears by the end of it. It’s history as you’ve never known it with all the horrible bits left in. A fun way to learn about the past as it spans from the Stone Age to World War Two. I think this is a funny and horrible Netflix series and I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about the past.

P.S. you might need a bucket for some parts 😋😋

Now as you can see the kids did a fantastic job ... Well done 
More tadhg tv next week 
All the best 

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