Saturday, June 13, 2020

Update 13th June

This week's TV recommendations come from the Spellman family which of course includes my little legend of a godchild Eimear

Aideen Spellman (Age 7)
Ever After High (Netflix)– There are lots of different characters in this based on fairy tales and fantasy stories.  My favourite is Briar Beauty, she is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and best friend of Apple White.  She plans great parties and can hear for miles but only when she’s asleep!  

Eimear Spellman (Age 6)
Hannah Montana (Disney Plus) – Hannah Montana was my cousin Grace Flanagan’s favourite programme when she was younger.  Only 2 of her friends know she is Hannah Montana and everybody else in school thinks she’s ordinary Miley!  She sings in concerts and lives in America. She is 16

Louise Kennedy (Age 29)
The Weather Forecast (Every channel and App)

Shane Spellman (Age 36) 
Constant flicking the remote control (every channel on TV, Netflix, Now TV, Disney Plus)

Now wasn't that just brilliant 
And not only did the girls write a review 
They also drew these lovely pictures, which are class

That's it for this week 
All the best 

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