Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update 28th February

Tadhg TV highlights

Saturday 28/02 

Carl Frampton VS  Chris Avalos 10.50 PM  utv ireland
Its great to see live boxing back on TV  but I men its nothing ya don't see in Boyle for free on a Saturday night anyways.

Sunday 01/03

Pompidou  BBC 2 6.30
New sitcom starring Matt Lucas who was 1 half of little Britain.  It is a silent comedy harking back to the days of Charlie Chaplin and my hero in comedy and in life, Benny Hill.

Monday  02/03

Moone Boy 9.00 Sky 1
Now before I start I jut want to say its nice to be nice, so the moone boys are back in town with series 3 of the award winning sitcom filmed in the town ya know so well - Boyle. Firstly, its great for the town  and  great to see all the local faces in the show as well. Fair play to Chris O'Dowd for coming back to Boyle to film it .. I want to make 2  points
1. I reckon the show should be on at an earlier time slot because its really a kids show and should be shown around the same time as the Simpsons
2. hey should make multiple seasons of it in one go before Martin Moone and the legendary Pauric grow up or they will have to change the name of the show to Moone Man.

Tuesday 03/03

Come Dine With Me 4pm channel 4
Ok funniest show on TV for the simple reason Dave Lamb the narrator is just class and the comments are brilliant

Wednesday 04/03

Better Call Saul - Netflix
This is prequel to Breaking Bad. We are now in a tv world of prequels sequels reboasts and remakes
well this is the must anticipated tv of the work. Every Wednesday a new episode will be released and if the rating are dropping they better call Byran Cranston.

Thursday 05/03

The Chase 5pm UTV
Best quiz on TV Bradley Walsh is a great host and knocks great craic out of the contestants

Friday 06/03 

Off Your Rockets tv3
This is the hidden camera with a unique difference which is the youngest prankster is in their 70s
It's  pure silly fun and just what you want on a Friday. Betty White of Golden Girls hosted the American version.



Peter is going to new Zeland and its a pilty he cant bring the rest of the Beales with him.
Apparently Katy Beale who died over 10 years ago is returning to the show in the next few weeks!!!
Many soaps actors leave to go on to biggerand better things but the only place many end up going in to the dole office.

Coronation Street 

Apparently Les Dennis is in Coronation Street for the long time for a must needed laugh.
Eva decided to leave and 10 minutes later she is gone but don't worry lads Tina O'Brien is back soon.

Fair City 

I think we could be seeing the return of Tommy Dillon I'm afraid.  Am i the only one who notices the actors actually look directly at the camera when speaking instead the person they are talking too.

Well that's it for this week ... happy viewing :-)

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