Saturday, March 7, 2015

Update 7th March

Hello from Tadhg TV's Round up

Saturday 07/03/2015

The following 9pm Sky Atlantic
This is  the start of season 3 of "The following" for people not following the following I will say the following - if you want to make a good tv show just add Bacon.

Sunday 08/03/2015

Poldack 9pm  BBC1
This week's squeal  prequel rehash
A  dodgy TV from the 70's will now be an even dodgier show in 2015

Monday 09/03/2015

Moone Boy
Well what can I say - there were great laugh out loud moments in last week's episode!
One of the main story lines was Liam  Moone looking at another woman which of course would never happen in reality... :-)
In this weeks episode the 2 boys decide to run away from home which of course will be priceless if last week's episode is anything to go by.

Tuesday 10/03/2015

House of Cards - Netflix
The american drama about a corrupt president is back and not a water meter in sight

Wednesday  11/03/15

Chelsea vs Paris St (agg 1-1)
Well I hope the Special one has a special team for the big game tonight

Thursday 12/03 

How to get away with murder 10.0 pm Network 2
Just for the reason its on directly after "don't tell the bride"

Friday 13/03

Comic Relief Night BBC 1 from 7 pm
My favorite night of the year!! The  cream of UK comedy come out to play and even some American ones as well.
I don't know about you, but the bits filmed in Africa are not that funny to me to be honest


Fair City 

Ok so Fair City are jumping on the MMA bandwagon, but in Fair City's case it should stand for mumbily  mumbleily acting - plus Tommy Dillon released himself from prison. The daugher rang all friends and family but she forget to ring his mobile.


Kat Slater was talking dung Literally at the Watford Mother of the Year event.
Well she was drunk but if I lived in Eastenders I would be having a Drink as well

Coronation street

Its a case of will the Michael real son please stand up. I mean  why anyone would claim to be the son of a ex homeless man and soon to be husband of Gail ET head Platt is beyond me. I mean it must be husband number 100 for Gail at this stage....

Thats it for this week - happy viewing as always

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