Sunday, March 22, 2015

Update 22nd March


Irish Pictorial Weekly  9.30 rte 1
its back for another season and its like an unfunny version of the Savage Eye


Moone Boy 9.00 sky 1
Well last weeks show was a pure laugh out with Terry Wogan and the whole lot
in next weeks episode there are rumours of UFO spotted around Boyle so should be another classic


The Two Ronnies Spectacle 7.40 GOLD
I am a big fan  of classic comedy and you don't get much better that these two. In  this episode they are looking at the sketches including my favorite Sketch of all time four candles... (look it up on youtube its very good)


Brickleberry  comedy central 11 pm
another animation but set in a national park in the states . its good but like me not for the easily offended


Houdini  Lifetime 9 pm
This charts the early years of the great man himself. Its only a 2 parter so it will be disappearing soon just like Houdini.


Gogglebox channel 4 at 9 pm
My highlight of the week. You will laugh and you will cry. Its like a real life version of the Royle family.


Coronation street

Corrie was always a bit of fun but silly summer story lines have started early here, especially the whole Les Dennis's son thing which  makes the Kevin Webster Exit story from last year look like Macbeth.


Manual from Fawity Towers only lasted 1 episode in the soap this week I reckon he heard Russel Brand was back on the BBC.

Fair City

So the ever classy Carol is with Robbie the Gangster thats Robbie if he was any more wooden you would put varnish on him.

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