Sunday, September 6, 2015

Update 6th September

Saturday. 05/09 The Saturday game 5pm network 2.
I was delighted when my workmates predicted a Mayo win and then I copped they are from Mayo!

Sunday 06/09. The Sunday game 2:15 network 2.
I am hoping for a Galway win and will be watching some lovely hurling!

Monday. 07/09. Euro 2016 qualifier. 7pm.
This is a must win for the Ireland team Against Georgia! At least apr├Ęs match is getting it's own show ' funnily enough it's on directly after match!

Tuesday 08/09. Ballers sky Atlantic 10pm.
Finally the rock has come back to tv now I sure hope he hasn't hit rock bottom by starring in a bad tv show!

Wednesday.09/09 The great British bake off BBC1 9pm.
This show could really be renamed carry on baking because all that's missing is Sid James going yak yak yak In the background. I mean no wonder I like the show it has cakes and more double entendre then the benny hill show! Oh guess what you will be seeing a few tarts on this weeks show!

Thursday 10/09 Cradle to the grave. Bbc2. 9pm.
This sitcom looks class it's based on Danny Baker's autobiography which sees danny growing up and stars the always brilliant Peter Kay as Danny's dad FYI if you want to hear the best radio show of the week tune into Danny on BBC 5 live from 9 to 11 every Saturday morning it's even better then Joe Finnegan!

Gogglebox. 9pm channel 4.
Yes the funniest show on tv is back it's like a real life Royle family so if you want a laugh and entertainment watch this show if you don't want a laugh and entertainment watch the other long string on misery on the late late show!


I'm surprises the themes didn't burst it's bank with all the tears this week! Fair enough eastenders have the best actors but it also has the most depressing storylines!

Coronation street. Fiz and Tyrone are very good actors one moment they are doing corrie on camping and the next thing they are involved in a very difficult storyline with baby hope! Also Kevin had to get Sally out of a dress earlier in the week and it was harder done then you

That's it for this week Tiger

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