Friday, September 11, 2015

Update 12th September

Sat 12/09.
Pointless. BBC1 7:30A celebrity version of the quiz show with all your favourite children TV presenters well with a few notable exceptions which I am not going to get into!

Sun 13/09
This is England 90 9pm channel 4.
This is a follow up to this is England 80 I'd say the music will be class as well as the acting on this show!

Mon 14/09.
Vikings Network 2 9pmGreat TV show filmed in Ireland! These boys certainly have long horns!

Tuesday 15/09.
The Taste of Success Rte1 8:30This is a show which In each episode, four food producers try to impress the judges in the hope of winning the grand prize of getting there product sold in a supermarket chain. Well the only this is that the presents leave me a bad taste in my mouth!

Wednesday 16/09
Champions league live Network 2 7:30 

It's great to see football back on the box during the week! Even if it is a Arsenal game been shown!

Thursday 17/09
Girl meets boy BBC2 9:30.
Very smart comedy set in Newcastle about a lad who goes on a date with a lady but she had a big secret/modest Secret/ little secret.

Friday 18/09
South Park comedy central 10 pm.
Brand new episode of the funniest cartoon out there Eric Cartman is my role model


It's bad when the comedy element is an 80 year old woman living in a shed! Another point is Dot Cottons stint in prison done her the world of good as she looks better then she did going it!

Coronation Street
Tracey was arrested in the pub and guest what the Rovers Return was packed I mean there aren't many round Boyle on a Saturday might never mind on a Wednesday night!
Fair City
Paul Brennan is giving out because his daughter is going out with an unsavoury young man he must never of heard that a girls picks a boyfriend who is like her dad!

That's it for the week,


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