Friday, September 25, 2015

Update 26th September

Saturday. RTE 1 9:45
The Ray Darcy show.
In honour of the new show lets do an odd one out quiz Terry Wogan' graham norton ' Ray Darcy ' of course ray is the odd one out the other 2 are successful chat show hosts and he was upstaged by a turkey!

Sunday UTV 9pm.
Downton Abbey.
In it's final series it's a must watch because in Downton everyone's waiting for you!

Monday CBBC. 6pm.
Yes another retro kids tv show returning with Alexander Armstrong in the title role' I hope this is not another pointless remake!

Tuesday Comedy Central 8:35.
Tadhg TV readers this is the worst comedy ever made because correct me if I'm wrong but is comedy not suppose to make ya laugh! It first came on our screens 15 years ago this week and it hasn't been off them since morse the pity!

Wednesday rte 1. 9:35.
Identity Thief.
Now this is one of funniest comedies I seen in recent years because Melissa McCarthy is flawless in it!

Thursday. Bbc2 9:00 pm.

As you all know I love proper good bbc comedy well Thursday nights are becoming the big night for comedy 3 brilliant comedy shows from 9:00 on bbc2!

Friday BBC 1 9:00.
Have I got new for you!
This grown up version of mock the week is back for another series there was plenty of taking points this week which I'm sure they will running with I haven't a rashers what's going on in British politics at the moment!


Coronation Street
It was live this week but Callum wasn't by the end of the show! David hidc the body under Gail's bed but I'm sure she will notice that the smell is not les Dennis's aftershave!

It's good to see Robbie Jackson return although it's too short! I mean the last time I laughed at eastenders was when danny dyer tried to be a serious actor!

Fair City.
Bob was told he was the doctors father in the middle of McCoy's which of course was packed also Paul Brennan made full recovery from a heart attack within 24 hours! That's is for this week Tiger 

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