Saturday, October 31, 2015

Update 31st October

Rugby World Cup final. 3pm tv3
Well it's going to be a classic. It's a pity it's over but at less we won't have to look at Matt Cooper on our screens for a while!

Ireland fittest family. RTE1 6:35.
This is the big Sunday show for RTE. 4 families compete per episode to be crowned Ireland's fittest family! I was going to send in my application in but felt Out of breath walking from the hall to the car so I decided against it!

The Muppets 8:30 sky 1.
Yes the muppets are back but the jokes are a little edgier than I remember ... for example Kermit says "what can I say I'm attracted to pigs!" It's very funny but it's not a kids show!

Catastrophe channel 4 10pm.
This sitcom staring Sharon Horgan is back for a second run and she is after having twins now like myself this is not for the easily offended!

Champions league network 2 7pm.
Big match with Arsenal taking on Munich! It's great to see the football back!

The class of 92 BBC1 9pm
Now this is not based on the lads from st Mary's secondary who did their Leaving in 92 It's about the man united class of 92 who took over Salford FC and attempted to get them promoted. I was surprised to see Ryan Giggs there as I though he retired to spend more time with his brothers family!

Mr. Khan BBC1 8:30.
Very funny BBC 1 comedy set on Birmingham! Simelar to Mrs Brownes boys

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