Friday, October 9, 2015

Update 9th October

Saturday 10th October
Total Divas. E 6pm
This is not only one of my highlights it is also Blondie the dog's highlight it follows the adventures of the WWE female wrestlers and you can follows Blondie on Blondies Adventures on Facebook.

Ireland vs France - Alley Bar 16:45.
It's a super sports Sunday this week with Ireland playing in both rugby and soccer so all you have to do now is book the Monday off work because Sunday will be epic.

The walking Dead Fx 9pm.
My favourite zombie based show is back with walkers galore. Now I think that Myself and maybe a few more from Boyle could get a walk on part as walkers after Liam McQuaids stag this weekend.

The Flash 8pm
This super super hero show is back for a second season and look out for former WWE wrestler edge as the Atom this show is not a flash in the pan!

Arrow Sky 1 8pm
Well this is another comic based TV show back for a 4th season arrow is certainly on target!

The Apprentice 9pm BBC1.
Dom de dom de dom de dom de dom de dom de da da it's back and Alan Sugar is on top form as a motley crew of contestants battle it out for a job! Tfi

8pm Channel 4
Back in the late 90s this was the show to watch after a long week in St Mary's now times have moved on but one thing that remains the same is that Chris Evens is still a Ginger!!!

That's is for this week. Enjoy the week. T

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