Sunday, October 18, 2015

Update 16th October

Welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday film 4
Home Alone 5:10
The best Christmas film/ kids film ever made the last 30 minutes is pure laugh out loud stuff!

Sunday 12:45 tv3
Ireland vs Argentina.
It's Ireland's call and Ireland's pub crawl if they win!

Monday sky 1 8:30
Modern Family
Yes one of the funniest comedies of recent years is back and the one liners ' cast and storylines are fantastic.

Tuesday sky 1 9pm
The 'moaning' of life.
Karl is back and his twice as silly but also twice as entertaining!

Wednesday utv Ireland 11pm
The Graham Norton Show
Graham is back and his guest is a fella ya might have heard of by the name of me Chris O'Dowd himself which will be a real meeting of minds

Thursday E4 8:30.
The Big Bang theory
This class sitcom is back with new episodes! The only sitcom where the girlfriends are as funny as the main characters!

Friday more 4 9pm
The Returned.
This show about people returning from the dead is back it's in French but it's well worth reading the subtitles' the only other show with subtitles I watch is my big fat gypsy wedding!


There was a big reveal in eastenders this week the viewers were waiting months to find out! Of course I'm talking about is Les a boxers or a briefs man! Also when Ben wasn't answering Kathy I though his hearing aid was on the blink again!

Coronation Street.
The whole Platts and Calum Storyline is a bit to much like weekend at Bernie's for my liking! What are they going to do next dig up and body and order him a hot pot in the rovers well the way things are going I woundn't be surprised!

That's it for this week enjoy the rugby. Tiger 

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