Friday, November 13, 2015

Update 13th November

Good morning all and judging by the weather you will be watching loads of tv so here are my TV treats for this week!

Saturday Disney x. 8am
Guardians of the Galaxy
Yes one of the funniest movie of the last year has been made into a cartoon! I don't know about you guys but I'm hooked on a feeling that this will be a great tv show!

Sunday RTE 1 9:30.
The Mario Rosentstock Show
The man behind Gift Grub is back with his own TV show and it's filmed With a live audience! Mario is very good but Gift Grub hasn't been the same since Bertie Ahern retired from office!

Monday. Network 2 7:30
Ireland vs Bosnia
This is the home leg - I mean Ireland should win this as the last time Bosnia beat Ireland was in the Eurovision!

Tuesday. Utv 9pm
I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here.
Well they are back in the jungle for another year. Ant and Dec will be superb as always but looking at the list of contestants it should be called I'm a non-entity get me in here! It's daft People going from one reality show to the next I would be buying them a one way ticket!

Wednesday. Channel 4 10pm.
Peep show.
The sitcom is back and so are all the characters including Super Hans! It's very good funny and great to see it back!

Thursday. Film 4 9pm.
The Hunger Games
Great film about a girl who is selected to represent her area in the hunger game which is a televised fight to the death if they had that in Ireland people from Ballaghaderreen wouldn't know who to fight for ... Mayo or Roscommon!

Friday. Bbc 1 8:30.
Adele at the BBC.
The English songstress is back singing all her hits and some new songs too and the show is hosted by the cheeky chappie himself Graham Norton!

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