Sunday, November 8, 2015

Update 8th November

Well this week I am going to recommend some of my favourite shows so here we go.

tv3 8pm X factor.
Well it's the live shows and enjoy them while ya can because if the rating are anything to go by the show could be dead in the water sooner then ya think!

Sunday. Sky 1 6:30.
The Simpsons
Yes it's the new series of the Simpsons I know it's not as funny as it used to be but it is still worth a luck especially the first episode of a new run!

Monday Sky 1 9pm.
Well here's another dodgy sky 1 comedy set in a supermarket! I would have to be trolled myself before I watch it but all sky home grown comedy are a bit hit and miss with the exception of moone boy of course

Carrick Cineplex 8pm
Spectre Another person done a review of this but here's tadhg tv's. Take' so firstly you will get value for money with a large popcorn watching 2 hours 40 minutes of bond! Some people might say the storyline is daft but all the best bonds storylines are! Remember at the end of the day Bond is Bond!

Wednesday 9pm fx
One of the best shows of last year is back for a second season it's based in a country which a dictator ruled the country with an iron fist including sentencing his own brother to death but the only thing is he did not introduce water charges yet!

Thursday 9pm sky 1.
Bring the noise.
Sky 1 said this is an original show which is a mix of a music and a panel show but if you ask me it's like a non funny version. Of never mind the buzzcocks!

Friday Channel 4 9pm.
This brilliant tv show for a perfect Friday night treat it's a simple concept it films different people watching tv at the same time and the comments and reactions are actually priceless for example they were watching strictly when Daniel O'Donnell was on it and he was dancing to a song from the movie grease a retired couple were watching it the wife said I think his from grease and the husband said no I think his Irish.


Fair City.
Here's one how do ya know heathers lying? Answer she opens her mouth! Also there are so many gangster in it at the moment I though I was watching an Irish version of the godfather at one stage!

It was a scary Holoween night on the square and I don't been les cocker in a dress! I felt sorry for Gavin I mean it's not everyone who would admit to be Sharon father! The storyline was a bit silly but none the less enjoyable! That's it's for this week TV fans enjoy the weekend! 

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