Saturday, February 20, 2016

Update 19th February

Saturday. Utv 7pm.
Ant and dec Saturday night takeaway. The kings of Saturday night TV are back I recommend to watch this while eating a Troys at least your watching takeaway and eating one too!

Sunday Bbc 1 9pm
The night manager.
New BBC drama starring Loki from Thor it looks better then Fair City anyways but that's not saying much !

Monday Sky Atlantic 9pm
New show about a down and out record company in 1960,s it's produced by Mick Jagger so he can get satisfaction by knowing after just 1 episode it's been renewed for a second session

Tuesday. Carrick cinema 9:15
A marvellous movie full of fun and action and crack! Deadpool is an x man but no in the same way Bruce Jenner is.

Wednesday. Network 2 10:45
Briget and Eamon
A sitcom set in 80s Ireland now where did I see that before.

Thursday Rte1 10:05
Tv show reuniting 2 stars from my favourite show life on Mars I just pray it's not a flop

Friday. Channel 4 9pm
What better way to spend a Friday night when win "Chase The Ace" in Wynnes, but failing that you can tune into the funniest show on TV with laughs for all the family! It's such a simple idea get a load of people to watch TVand film their reactions

Tigers soapy bits

Looks like Whitney Dean inherited the earrings from fat Pat Butcher! Kush the lush says he is Stacey's kids father I'm glad he knows because she doesn't even know her name at this stage! Abi branning pretends to be having a baby but really isn't it a nice change to see a teenage girl in soaps who didn't have a kid!

Coronation street
Tracey held Carla hostage In a room but at least it wasn't Norris If was taking her hostage! Will Les Dennis find our the truth about Phelan Our l survey says ah ahhhhh!

That's it for this week Enjoy your weekend
ps (still off Facebook for lent) 

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