Friday, February 5, 2016

Update 5th February

Saturday rte 1 4pm.
The voice of Ireland
Anyone who missed local lad Marc Egan walk into the next round the voice catch up there! Tadhg tv fully backed Marc and hopes he wins the contest outright joining the likes of .......... 
Sunday 3pm.
Six nations
I'm sure the whole country will be standing shoulder to shoulder cheering on the boys in green!

Monday sci fi 9pm
This is about space bounty hunters with the popularity of Star Wars you will see a lot of these in the coming years!

Tuesday. Bbc1 9pm
Happy Valley
Great BBC drama back for a second season it's not a happy valley but if it was it wouldn't make good viewing!

Wednesday Comedy Central 10pm
Drunk History
Drunk comedians giving their accounts of historic events what more would ya want

Thursday bbc2 8pm
Cats vs Dogs.
Which is better cats or dogs, well find out as both animals are put to the test! As some if you may know I'm more of a dog man myself

Carrick cinema Dad's Army
Well this is the big screen revival of one of the funniest tv sitcoms ever made so no pressure! Will it be as good as the original tv show? ... who do you think you are kidding' 

Tiger's Soapy Bits

Coronation street
Jenny Bradley is back to be fair her life was a bit of a train wreck recently or tram wreck maybe. Mary is worried that people might treat badly as she was seeing a married man but on the street she would look out of place if she didn't have an affair!

The must annoying thing this week is rushing to get the remote and press 888 for the subtitles the minute Phil Mitchell opens his mouth he is mumbling like Brando in the godfather! Stacey though it wasn't her child when martin brought it in first! Well they do get multiple baby's to play to babies In soaps

Fair City

Heather is doing her her best Norma bates impression which will not end good! Enjoy your week Tiger 

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