Saturday, February 27, 2016

Update 27th February

Welcome to another dose of tadhg tv.

Saturday rte 2 9:10

Great movie great cast about a great man!

Sunday Channel 4 9pm
The wolverineHugh Jackman is brilliant in this movie about x man As opposed to an ex man!

Monday bbc2 9pm.
The people vs oj Simpson.

I love this tv show but after watching 2 episodes I don't think OJ Simpson is as funny as Homer Simpson

Tuesday Comedy Central 9pm
The middle 
Sitcom about a family.  It's not great but it's not bad I suppose it's middling :-)

Wednesday l sky1 8pm
Great to see this comic book based tv show back and it's certainly on target!

Thursday itv 9pm.
Bear grylls mission survive
Survival show with celebrities I hope some of them do not!

Friday Grimsby
Carrick cinema
New comedy which like me will not be for the easily offended but Shannon from home and away is in it so will be worth a look.

Will Sally Webster become the Joan burton of Coronation Street. Kevin apologised to Anne but she wasn't Phelan it

Eastenders. It's great how martin fowler can afford to go to Florida I think the stall must be going well!? Finally. Stacey Slater is a brilliant little actress I know Ive been harsh on the standard of acting in soaps but to be fair these actors are on our screens day in day out with little or no credit or or praise so well done to all the soaps actors and actresses your doing a great job! 

That's it for this week

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