Saturday, November 26, 2016

Update 26th November

Welcome to Tadhg tv gang
Here are  this week's TV highlights and one or 2 lowlights too

BBC  1 7pm  Strictly
Well it's Saturday night so it's time to be entertained and it's 2 dances tonight's  so there will be a lot of (Ed)balls

RTE 1 Know the score 8:30
If you remember know your sport you know the score about this new sports quiz

Monday 9:35
Joe Dolan
I said I would include this programme as you all know there is no show like a Joe Show!

Sky action 8pm
The force awakens
Before you all skywalk your way to see the new star wars movie in the cinema in a few weeks!  I recommend you force yourself to watch this cracker of a movie you will not be disappointed!

Syfy 10pm
The Exorcist
This is based on the hit horror movie well I'll tell you one thing the standard of acting in it is horrific

Thursday  9pm
The Young Pope
In this show Jude law is appointed pope who all father ted fans know is gods representative in earth!  a young pope  these days would be a man in his 70s

BBC 1 9:30
Walliams and Friends
National treasure David (i'm a lady) Walliams is back on tip top form with sketches guests and fun! Proper good old fashioned comedy


Coronation Street
I wonder will Les Dennis be buried or cremated our survey says.
Tracey was surprised that Daniels mother Denise was not in his flat I wasn't be sure I knew she was married to Zak Dingle in emmerdale.
Pat was pheelan guilty and confessed to all so come on Eileen get rid.

Phil Mitchell actually smiled in EastEnders tonight and it wasn't because he spotted a bottle of vodka.
Lee and Whitney's marriage is on the rocks well a marriage for a month in EastEnders is some achievement ...Patrick displayed he was a true man

That's it for this week
Stay in out of the cold and have a hot whiskey on the cold night but don't drink it straight Peter Barlow style
All the best

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