Saturday, November 19, 2016

Update 19th November

Welcome one and all to Tadhg TV 

Itv 8,pm
The X Factor 
This is the perfect Saturday night TV show but who would have thought that Honey G still in the computation is not  the biggest shock result of  the year 

BBC 8pm
Planet Earth 2 
This is real treat presented by the legend himself ! Class scenery and class animals what more would ya want!

BB2 10pm
Two Doors Down 
This is season  2 of this great Scottish comedy remember for subtitles press 888

Monaco vs Spurs 
This is the big  one I am Kane to see how Spurs get on this week

E4 8:30
The Big  Bang Theory
One of the best sitcoms is back  in this new season and all the gang are in great form especially the main  man himself Sheldon

BBC 8pm
Who do you think you are 
It's show is back again and the opening episode is Dwyer but it will be good

Rte 1 8:30
Pat Shortts entertainment from d'telly
Pat is trawling the rte vault's to bring you the best crack from all the rte show so obviously Ryan Tubs will not feature

Mas leave the square and said to Jane to be happy and her married to Ian beale! 
Lee Carter is under pressure but he is married for a full week which is some achievement in 

Amy was getting ready for the school nativity and asked Ronnie and Roxy what a
virgin is! The 2 girls looks at one another because non of them could remembe

That's it for this week 
All the best 

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