Friday, November 11, 2016

Update 11th November

Sky Arts  9pm
The 50th annual cmas
Well anyone working 9 to 5 will watch this!

Itv 9pm
I'm a Celebrity
Well  the celebrities  are in Oz and the it's going to be a good one for sure ! I love  the bush tucker triials and the real stars are the cheeky chappy themselves ant and dec I was asked to go in it but they couldn't afford me!

Network ,2 
Bridget and Eamon
It's back to the 80s with these two they are great crack and full of Irish humour & everyone who remembers the 80s in Ireland will be able to connect to it

Sky hits
Independence Day 
Here is an absolute classic movie about what would happen if aliens tried to invade earth well they would probably take one look at Trump and take pity on us

The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon
Well this is a nightly US chat show which  shown in the UK the night after its on in the States with proper good guest stars and fun games! It's better crack then the Late Late!

Legends of Tomorrow 
This is a super show featuring loads of super heroes. It's the best comic book based show on tv at the moment and the world  could do with a superhero or  the moment


BBC one 7 pm
Children In Need
Annual telethon which will not be the same without the legend that is Terry Wogan,!

That's it for this  week 
All the best 

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