Sunday, October 27, 2019

Update 27th October

RTE 6.30
Ireland's Fittest Family
It's a new series and all your favourite challenges are back I was going to apply for this year but  I was out of breath Walking from the Royal Car Park to the Post Office.

Tv3 9pm
Tv3s take on love/hate 
You will either love or hate it. 

Channel 4 8pm
The great British Bakeoff
It's the final so no soggy bottoms at this stage.

RTE 1 9.35
Dublin Murders
AGAINRTE doing things 1/2  right
Yes they are showing it the same week as the BBC but the rte decided to show 2 episodes at the same time which means each episode is the same length to watch as the Lord of the Rings.

Sky One 8pm
Yes I know it's another tv show based on Comic but arrow is right on target.

Carrick Cinema
Terminator Dark Fate
Well to be fair Arnie did say he would be back, and he certainly is along with a lot of the original cast. 

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