Friday, October 18, 2019

Update 19th October

Welcome to my weekly TV round up ... so here it goes

RTE  2 
Ireland vs the All Blacks
This isn't going to be easy and if we all stand shoulder to shoulder I reckon Ireland will do great.

Sky Sports main event
Man United vs Liverpool
This is the start of the big comeback for my beloved Man United 

Sky Atlantic  9pm
Remember the movie based on this classic comic well here is the tv show based on the comic. The trailer looks brilliant 

Carrick Cinema
Dark Lies The Island
Well this is the movie we were all waiting too see. It was filmed in Boyle around 2 years ago and I was lucky enough to win tickets to THE preview screening on Wednesday so here's my take ...
It has some cast like Pat Short and Fran from love/hate it great seeing all the Boyle landmarks on the big screen like the Doon shore and Creightons pub
Pat short plays a blinder as the father of the family who makes the bull McCabe look like mother Teresa. It is definitely well worth going too.

Peaky Blinders
Well the new season is on Netflix and if you have not seen it on BBC 1 your in luck
I think it was the best season yet.

Young Sheldon
Everyone's favorite little genius is back and funnier then ever it's a pity the Big Bang Theory is finished but this show will be around for a long time yet

BBC 1 
Still Open All Hours
Another series of the updated version of the clsssic sitcom staring the legend that is David Jason.


Coronation Street
Max's grandmother came into the show just in time for Halloween.
Bethany is offering Daniel a shoulder to cry on and the rest.
This week we will be bidding a farewell to Sinead the actress says she is moving on to bigger and better things like celebrity pointless celebrity first dates etc. !!!

Martin FOWLer is living up to his name 
Tiff and her new finance say they are ready for everything that's thrown at them. Knowing Eastenders they would want to be prepared.

Fair City
Rose is getting worse in terms of forgetfulness etc and getting confused  I don't know what the rest of the character's excuse is. Dean is getting relationship advice from Wayne which is a bit like getting advice on getting a six pack from me unless its a 6-pack of Miller.  

Now that's it for this week
If anyone has any shows recommend ... Please contact me
All the best

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