Sunday, October 13, 2019

Update 13th October

Rte 1 6.30
Raised by a village
This is a nice show which shows kids been relocated from the city to the countyside so it's basically hit 90s comedy the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in reverse but instead of Will Smith moving from Bel Air to West Philadelphia he is moving from Dublin to Leitrim 

Fox 9pm
The Walking Dead
ANOTHER tadhg tv favorite is back this week a show where our hero is try to survive in a world full of zombies
Now the zombies are not able to talk but just look at you and mumble
I think I  tried to sell Boyle GAA lotto tickets to a few of them on a couple of Saturday nights 

Carrick Cinema 8'35
The Joker
Well this is just an outstanding movie it's about Batman villains the Joker's transformation into the clown Prince of Crime 
Even if you never seen a comic book movie before this is unique and you will enjoy it
As you all know anything that can keep me quite for over 2 hours must be something special.

Rte 1 9.35
Dublin Murders
This is definitely Tiger's big one of the week
It's about a murder investigation in  Dublin and stars a load of the old love hate gang

ITV 2 10pm
Celebrity Juice
Keith Lemon is back with a new series of the boldest panel show on tv and as if things couldn't get any sillier Mel B of spice girls fame has joined as team captain if the language was any fruitier it wound be for sale in Langans

BBC 1 11.25
This is the hit BBC comedy currently taking the world by storm
It's about a single woman living in London and all her escapades. It's actually very funny.

That's it for this week
All the best

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