Friday, May 15, 2015

Update 16th May

Welcome to another week of Tadhg TV

Saturday 16th of may
Alan Partridge  Alpha Papa 9.20 bbc2
Alan partridge is back but this time his is hitting the big screen but he is still not a patch on Joe Finnegan .

Sunday  17th of may 
Jonathan strange and Mr Norrell 9 pm bbc 1
Another fantasy about magicians I hope they can magic up  some ratings 

Monday 18th of may 
Games of Thrones  9 pm sky Atlantic
Things are hotting up with last week marking the beginning of the summer with the barbecuing starting.

Tuesday  19th of may.
Benefit Street channel 4 9 PM 
The return of the show which at this stage could be filmed in any town in Ireland 

Wednesday 20th of may 
Tyrant 10.50 rte 2 
This is a show where a son has to leave  America and  return home on the request of his power hungry father who is leader of the country and it is not set in Ireland during the 80s. 

Thursday 21th of may 
Eurovison    semi final  8 pm  rte 2
Yes its that time of the year again. eurovison is all about different and unique acts. the madder the better so I reckon we should send Linda Martin again.

Friday  22th of may 
8 out of 10 cats do countdown  9 pm channel 4
This is a brilliant hybrid of a  comedy show and a quiz so and it is lssac.(solve it)

that's all for this week 

back to normal next week guys 

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