Saturday, May 23, 2015

Update 23rd May

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Saturday 23/05/2015

eurovision bbc 1 8 PM
As we all never by now ireland got nothing ' no points' nothing there either I'm afraid on Thursday night qualifiers it is still worth a look if only for the class comments by Graham Norton  who is a perfect replacement for Terry Wogan.

Sunday 24/05/2015
match of the day bbc1 10.30 pm
Its the final day of the premiership  so this is the special edition of the footie highlights which I'm sure will also include an appearance by the special one.

Monday  25/03/2015
marvel avengers assumable  bbc 1 8pm
Well this is a comic book film but the difference is that there is an assembly of heroes from iron man to the incredible hulk and it is a smash. 

Tuesday 26/05/2015r 
Britain's got talent semi finals 7.30 tv3
Its live week in the biggest show of the  week. I remember I watched it last year and it created a new catchphrase for Ant and Dec which was and "now time for a commercial break" 

Wednesday 27/05
Europa league Final  7. 30 3e
Coverage presented by the scream team of Kevin Kilbane and Brian kerr 

Thursday 28/05/2015  
only  fools and horses  5.30 pm gold 
An absolute classic sitcom and its a classic episode. They certainly to this standard any more 

Friday  29/05
american Gangster  9.35 network 2
My man Frank Locas is the main Character in this  brilliant movie about 2 and a 1/2 hours long and chapters the rise of Frank and his family as they gain control of New York's Narcotics  supply.

So Kat and Alfie are moving and hey are heading to Ireland. Well with Kat's sense of style & fondness of a few drinks and her attitude to life she would certainly fit in anyways 

Coronation street
To coincide with the live week in talent corrie is on everyday this week with story lines including a fire again and a wedding.

enjoy your week.


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