Friday, May 8, 2015

Update 8th May

welcome to Tadhg TV 

Saturday 09/05/2015
Britain's  got talent 8 pm itv  
This is the best  all round entertainment show on tv. like hypnotizing dogs and Susan Boyle. I mean Ryan Tubridy would make everyone sleep in a matter of minutes if he did aninterview on stage. 

Sunday 10/05/2015
The Speech 9.30  RTE1
This show about people  overcoming their fear of public speaking actually sound alright to the point I read Gerald Keane was the tutor.

Monday 11/05/2015
Episodes bbc2 10 PM 
New season of the Matt la blanc sitcom where he showed his is a good sport by playing a parity of himself as a down on his luck actor dealing with script writers and network executives. its  very funny stuff

Tuesday  12/05/2015
Big Brother tv3 10 pm 
TV 3 are scraping the bottom of the barrel showing Big Brother. The only thing the contestants talk about for the 3 months they are in there is their favorite topic ... themselves.

Wednesday  13/05/2015 
Nashville  10PM  E4
this is back for its 3rd season this week its background is the country music scene in nashville.  It is basically Dallas with singing in it. 

Thursday 14/05/2015
2 broke girls  8 pm E4
A rare american comedy that is actually funny - set in a bakery with a good cast and good one liners 

Friday  15/05/2015
a League of their own  sky 1  9PM
The best sports panel show on tv that is certainly in a league of its own with good guests and good banter.


Fair City
Now I admit I'm now a great cook lets face it I burn water but even I know not to leave a saucepan on and leave the house like Jackie did.

So Kat  and Alfie won a  million pounds  now how many leopard print coats will she be able to buy with that.

Coronation Street 
Not much happening here bar the fact David told Max never to  answer the phone but of courase he answered the phone straight away.

Thats it was this week 


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