Saturday, June 6, 2015

Update 6th June

Saturday  06/06/2015
champions league final network 2  6.45
Its the big one and its just a pity there is no English team in it. i'm sure its going to be a  Messi night

Sunday 07/-6/2015
keeping up with the kardashians  E 10 pm 
well with all their happening its hard to keep up with them. I  mean  at least now the biggest talking point in the show is no longer Kylie's lip. iIf  was childish I would use the word transjenner but I am more mature  then that.

Monday 08/06/2015
games of thrones  sky Atlantic 9 pm
So Jon Snow arrives at kings landing and is greeted by  Jaime Lannister  who says I would like you to meet my sister and the mother of child which confused Jon as there was only 1 lady standing beside him.

Tuesday 09/06/2015
csi cyber
This show focuses on crimes committed online and on websites. They should set an episode in Boyle!!

Wednesday 10/06/2015
Hannibal sky living 10 pm
Hannibel the cannibal is back its gruesome and its harder to watch then the late late

Thursday 11/06/2015
mock the week   bbc 2  10 pm
My favorite panel show is back its very good  not the same since Frankie Boyle left but still very good.

Friday 11/06/1
tfi friday 9 pm channel 4
Chris evens is back with the legendary  entertainment show  for an anniversary special  with big guests and even bigger bands.


So Sharon Mitchell has meet her father but phil paid this fella to pretend to be her father well lets hope the man is getting very well paid for doing it.

Coronation street 
Still the aftermath of the fire with Jenny Bradley  trying to steal a child from Kevin Webster well considering the child never in a scene and always in his room and on a stable diet of chips better her when social services

oh and don't forget  the Toughest Muckers is on in lough key Saturday week  organised  by the toughest muckers  I know ... the O' Flahertys .

that's it for this week.

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