Friday, June 26, 2015

Update 27th June

Saturday 27/06
prized apart bbc 1 7 pm
New quiz show that comes under the heading 'second rate summer show which is not good enough to be on over the winter', but  its not really too bad. Basically one  part of the team  is in North Africa doing challenges and the other half answering questions in the studio.

Sunday  28/06
the Sunday  game 13.30
What else would you be at on a super Sunday 
double header from croke Park, 

Monday  29/06
selfie network 2 19.30
This american sitcom stars Karen Gillen of Doctor Who fame as a social media  sales rep. I tried taking a selfie once but ended up cracking the screen of the iPhone.

Tuesday 30/06
Wimbledon   bbc 2 12 pm 
Well this is the sporting highlight of the year for all tennis fans in Boyle  and I for one hope it will not rain not  because it will stop play but because we could be subjected to Cliff Richard singing.

Wednesday  01/07
Judge Judy tv3 16.30 
This is a surprise hit but the episodes on tv3 are so old she in an attorney in them.

Thursday  02/07
most hunted reality 10 pm
yes the scarily good tv show is back with the frightening good host  Yvette Fielding

Friday  02/07
Celebrity MasterChef
This is one of the cooking shows were by the time you remember who the so called celebrities are the show is well over.


So Dean's daugher's foster father is so bad he makes Sherlie Carter look like Mary Poppins 

Coronation street 
The awkward moment when you go to support your daughter-in-law at drugs consulting and the consular thinks you are the one on drugs. To be fair I wound have thought Les Dennis was on drugs for getting wed to Gail in the first place.

Finally the most horrific sight on this past week had to be Pierce Brosnan's - singing on Mamma Mia   

thanks it for this week 


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