Friday, June 12, 2015

Update 12th June

Saturday 13/06/2015
euro qualifier  4 pm  network 
well its  the big one Ireland take on Scotland I hope they get a win anyways. Its a pity the FAI  wasted he money they got from FIFA they could have build a few dug outs  in Boyle Celtic at least :-)

Sunday 14/06/2015
Humans Chanell 4 9 pm
This new sci fi show with an all star cast about  a robots been used as servents but can they be trusted.

Monday 15/06/2015
games of thrones  9 pm sky Atlantic 
All good things must come to an end including this classic now to be fair it wasn't the best season of Thrones but its still good. I'll my review for this year with the line imping a'nt easy

Tuesday 16/06/2015
brotherhood  comedy central 9.30 pm
UK sitcom about  2 older brothers looking after a younger - think of it as an unfunny version of 2 and a half men 

Wednesday 17/06/2015
the interceptor bbc 1 9 pm 
This is a about a task force who's job it is to track down the most dangerous criminals. Its hard to knock it because its very good now.

Thursday 18/06/2015
Big brother  9 pm TV3
Well its fair to say Harry Amelia gets on well with some of the housemates but she also has her knockers.

Friday 19/06/2015
greyhound racing  8 pm network 2
I put money on a dog once and he came in at 10 to 1 but unfortunately the race started at 12 PM !!


Coronation Street
Will Micheal (Les Dennis) survive the heart attack our survey says ...............
He asked 100 people why he married into the must dysfunction family ever?

Shirley fella is like Phil Mitchell's stunt-double looks like  there is another carter  coming into the street. I'm surprised they don't rename it the Carter family and be done with it.

Fair City 
The  doctor is very approachable like he was on his lunch and Doug said how ya me brothers meds are zoning him out. This all happened in the middle of the restaurant but perhaps the most unbelievable aspect of all this is the doctor didn't charge Doug a consolation fee.

•  Heading to see Jurassic World this weekend ... it should be class. I don't
know how dinosaurs became extinct but if ya ask me there are still a few around Boyle

•  Oh, finally don't forget all Toughest Muckers out there to head down to Lough Key Forest Park

enjoy the weekend 

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