Saturday, June 20, 2015

Update 20th June

Tadhg tv

Saturday 20/06

Roscommon vs Sligo
Here the big one the rossies are back in action! I don't have sky so I better watch it In a pub! Sure it's any excuse with me.

Sunday 21/06/.

Humans channel 4 - 9 pm
It's a UK sci-fi show where human looking robots are doing all the jobs human don't want too! I reckon the robot would be more crack than some of the barmaids behind the bars In Boyle pubs!

Monday 22/06.

True detectives - sky Atlantic 9 pm
 It's here the second season starring Colin Farrell who is playing a former drinker and hard living cop I reckon that will really test out his acting skills to the test!

Tuesday 23/06/

Undercover 10 pm - Dave.

New cop comedy which is undercover because no one watches this station!

Wednesday 24/06.

The cube - 8 pm ITV
It's a class show where people face the cube and complete tasks in it!

Thursday 25/06.

Hoff the record _ 9 pm Dave.
Reality tv spoof with d Hoff hope the rating are high or it will be taken Hoff air!

Friday 26/06.

The Last Leg - Channel 4 10 pm
One of my favourite tv shows with a unique look on the week's happenings!


Fair City.

So Dolores is going to a better show well that's easily done!

Home and away.

Alf Steward was having flashbacks to world war 2 it's a pity he didn't have flashbacks to the 90s when Shannon was in summer bay!

The only way to make this show more disappointing is to start charging people for water!

That's it for this week...

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