Sunday, August 30, 2015

Update 30th August

I read this week in the paper a man went on the website Ashley Madison and was shocked to see the wife was on it as well!

Saturday 29/08. The X factor 8pm tv3.
Well the biggest reality TV show is back and as ever the focus is on the judges as opposed to the contestants on the show! The big question after the first episode will be who is Nick Grimshaw?!!

Sunday 30/08. Time crashers 8pm channel 4
Tony Robinson brings celebrities back in time in this reality tTV show it's just a pity he cannot leave them there!

Monday 31/08 Danny and the human zoo. 9pm bbc1
This is a drama about Lenny Henry growing up in Birmingham in the 70s as a teenager. Now it reminds me a lot of another TV show but I can't think which one!

Tuesday 01/09. Bad robot e4 10pm.
Hidden camera show with a difference where the people are all pranked by actual machines which is very funny.

Wednesday 02/09. The strain watch 10 pm
It's season 2 of this show about an infection which takes over New York! It's a bit gory so only watch it if you can take the strain!

Thursday 03/09. Under the dome network 2 8.05
Delighted to see this show which is based on a Stephen King book back for season 3 this week. It's about a normal town until one day it was covered by a massive dome which isn't that bad because at least it woundn't be raining!

Friday 04/09. The late late show Rte 1 9:35.
You all remember that sense of dread you felt as a child when you learned you had to go back to school on the first week of September. Well I felt the same sense of dread when I read this muck is back on TV! I think I will be washing what's left of my hair when it is on!


Val is certainly putting the Fun in her funeral leaving a DVD of instructions for Eric and the crew! Rachel leaving will hit Sam hard which oddly enough is one of the reasons she is leaving in the first place!! Ross is alive but wearing a head bandage you wouldn't see on Basil Faulty!

Kathy is back after 10 years to see Ian now if I was her and saw what he become I would be gone for another 10 years at least!

Coronation Street
They say that love is blind so they better get Bethany Platt a white stick as she provided a false alibi for bad boy Callum she say footage of Sarah Louise out cold but I reckon she wasn't knocked out she was like all put to sleep by the current storylines on the soap!

That's it for this week. Tiger 

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