Saturday, August 15, 2015

Update 15th August

Saturday 14/08.
Keep it in family 7 pm itv.
This is proper Saturday night tv with the main man Bradley welsh as the host! It's a mix of the Generation Game and Deal or No Deal and the best thing about it is the dropping of so called celebrity!

Sunday 15/08.
Zoo sky 1 9pm.
This is about what would happen if the animals of the zoo escaped looking at the trailer for this I think there will be payback for Cecil the Lionn!

Monday 16/08.
The Rose of Tralee 8pm rte1
It's that time of year again when Tralee becomes a hub for the annual lovely girls competition The winner will be announced at 11 on Tuesday night when the pale moon is rising above the green mountain!

Tuesday 17/08.
Man united vs club Brugge 7;30 network 2
My beloved Man United In action in Europe should be an easy win anyways

Wednesday 18/08.
The town 9:30 rte 1
Great film this about a gang who rob a bank in Charlestown the American one not the Mayo one!

Thursday 19/08.
Flock stars 8:30 utv.
Dog Show with a different featuring so called celebritys who havn't been on TV in ages and after watching this for a 1/2 an hour you know why!

Friday 20/08.
Mountain goats 10:35. BBC1.
New bbc Scotland comedy I love to see new comedy on the bbc but just a reminder that the subtitles pages is 888 I loved rab c Nesbit but I coundn't catch all he was saying!


What is it with kids in soaps these days when they are not killing their sister they are beating up their step mothers or in Fair City's case telling their brother a random woman he never meet before is his mother!

Coronation street.
Mary is wedding planner for Sally well my advice for the husband to be is run as fast as ya can!!!!! Amy sums up the viewers feeling on the current storylines when she said she was bored and finally it's a case of like father like son with Simon drinking vodka!

Cindy had a bad dream she must have coped that the actor who played her brother is in the new X Men movie and she is in Eastenders. I honestly don't know what is worst Cindy acting or the camera angles and the only thing that's louder that Alfie's shirts is Mick Carter's snoring!

Chrissy went to the polics and should have been arrested on the spot because she acting is criminal! Pete said how would I know if Ross is coming back well he should know because he's the one who killed him or did he!!!!! Finally just to tell my under 16 / under 17s buddies training resumes this week on Wednesday night at 6.30

That's it for this week.

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