Friday, August 7, 2015

Update 7th August

Welcome to another week of tadhg tv.

Saturday 08/08.
Match of the day bbc1 10:20
Yes it's a start of the premiership and the match of the day will be when man united beat spurs 5-0

Sunday 09/08.
I am cait e. 10pm. Yes Bruce Gender is back but not as ya know him I think panty bliss is funnier to be honest!

Monday 10/08. The last man on earth Dave 9pm. New comedy about a man who believe he is the last person on earth sounds funny anyways.

Tuesday 11/08. Super cup final network 2 7:30. I hope this game lives up to it's name!

Wednesday 12/08. Love/hate rte 1 11pm. This is a welcome repeat of the last 2 seasons of the class dublin gangster drama last year it mixed reviews so to be honest you either love or hate it!!

Thursday 13/08. Prometheus film 4 10pm This is the 2012 prequel to alien it's so good it's outer this world!

Friday 14/08. 15 to 1 channel 4 8pm. The question Or nonanate quiz show is back with a celebrity issue but the difference is we actually know the celebrity involved!

Emmerdale. It was time for emmerdale annual accident and this year it was no other then a helicopter crashing into a marque basically gate crashing the wedding of Debbie dingle! The episode after the crash involves a lot of characters shouting out other characters names! Eastenders I was watching it during the week and though Phil Mitchell had a shave until I copped it was actually Shirley's fella I was looking at! As to who killed Lucy well I for one am passed caring at this stage!

Coronation street. Well les Dennis is really a Liverpool stereotype He found a peice of jewelry In the taxi and pawned it! well at one stage i was expecting les to dawn a curly wig and start shouting calm down calm down like in the harry Enfield sketch! Sarah Louise platt asked daughter Bethany are you completely stupit well she didn't pick it up from the ground! Fair shity Well Paul Brennan sums up fair city this week by saying this is a farce! Bens real mother said I knew I wouldn't be much of a mother well by watching her all week I know is definitely isn't much of an actress! Finally Louise Doyle's modelling is the only change she will get to wear a swimsuit in dublin this summer anyways!

That's is for this week hope you all have a good weekend. Tiger!

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