Saturday, August 22, 2015

Update 22nd August

Greeting ... hope you all enjoy the summer I think it was a Thursday this year!

Saturday 22ndMarvels Agent Carter rte2 6:15.Rte was showing this MARVELious show about the adventures of captain Americas buddy Peggy Cartrer it's watchable enough it's way better then the fantastic 4 which should have been called the not so fantastic 4!

Sunday 23rdThe Sunday game live 2:45 rte 2Tyrone take on the kingdom of Kerry I think Mickey Harte is as well to include Tyrone from Coronation Street on the team because Kerry will win it easily!

Monday 24thGuess who's dead rte 1 9:35. Documentary about Irish peoples obsession with death notices and attending funereals Ardal O'Hanlon is a great choice as host as his acting career died after Father Ted! 

Tuesday 25thAquarius sky Atlantic 9:00This cop show follows the manhunt for Charles Manson it's violent for no reason but so are a lot of other shows these days!

Wednesday. 26thSkyfall rte1 9:35. New bond and it's the best one I ever seen if you watch this you definitely wouldn't be skyfalling asleep!

Thursday 27thCelebrity big brother tv3 Well the den of iniquity is open again with so called celebrities!

Friday 28thPolice academy 2 gold 11:00 Absolute classic comedy they don't make them like this anymore I'm afraid.


Which is harder to believe Kathy back from the dead or Bobby Beale the 10 year old with an email address 'Ian said he would swop places with max and I would too especially when he was going out with Denise Van Outen!! Denny is bullying picking it up from Phil but at least his didn't start mumbleing yet!

Coronation street. It's "Corrie on Camping" this week with Fizz and a gang on a holiday camp with a great turn by Paddy McGunnisss. But things were also intense on the streets with Max witnessing his father beat up Jason and just when Max was going to I give him the father of the year award !!! 

That's it for this week enjoy the good weather tiger

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