Friday, July 15, 2016

Update 15th July

Saturday 16th
7pm channel 4. Star Trek.
This is the first of the modern Star Trek movie the effects in it are great like spooks ears are in 3d!

Connaught Final
Well it's time for the Rossies to do it all again and I speak for the whole town when I wish the Boyle boys the best of luck in the match!

BBC 1 9pm. Forces of Nature with Brian Cox.
This is the final episode of this series presented by Brian Cox and as he said in his band D Reams 90s hit things can only get better!

Channel 4 9pm The Job Interview
The reality show is about possible candidates been interviews in the hope of getting a job I wonder is it as good as the course up in the TEC.

Channel 4 10pm Man Down
The teacher from the inbetweeners starred in this sitcom as a Man who always fails in everything it's well funny

Rte 1 10.15. The People vs Oj Simpson.
Is this the best show if the year? Well if the gloves fit...

10 pm channel 4 Friday Night Dinner
Will from the Inbetweeners stars in the laugh out loud sitcom about a family where the 2 grown up kids always come home for dinner on Friday night!

Coronation Street
I am not the father of Leanne's child! It's sad that Kyle Platt went splatt as well! I though she would die of embarrassment when she witnessed Gail with Les Dennis!

If Whitney Dean was wearing hoops from Pat Butcher you would not see animals jumping through on Britains Got Talent

That's it for this weekend,

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