Saturday, July 9, 2016

Update 9th July

Welcome to Tadhg Tv.

Saturday BBC 2
It's the final weekend at Wimbledon with the doubles kicking things off I hope the shots will be on target and we won't hear someone shout new balls please.

Sunday Network 2
The final Connacht and d euros It's been a long wait for sport fans but the wait is finally over and it's time for the final the Connacht final that is! We will all be cheering on the Rossies on their 2016 journey and quest for Sam!

Ok you know the dodgy apps you can get and you can get dodgy copies of movie that are currently in the cinema ya know where the camera is in the cinema and in the middle of the movie ya see someone getting up in front of the camera well on the app you can also Get US shows are are not available over here yet and this is a cracker of a show it's about a preacher (ya I know) Irish vampire and a lady played by former love/hate. Star Ruth Nagga who is really doing well for herself in the states at the moment!

Tuesday Rte 2 - 9pm.
Now you see me
Fun film about a group of magicians who attempt to rob a bank as part of their Las Vegas show also the sequel of this film is currently playing in Carrick Cineplex!

Wednesday. BBC 2 10pm
Boy meets girls
The BBC have made some pretty original comedies in the past but this is one of the best one I have seen in years This is in its second series so its centres around a budding relationship but this couple is different in that the girl wasn't always a girl! The show has a lot of laughs and a lot of heart as well!

Thursday Sony channel - 9pm
Life on Mars.
In my humble opinion one of the best shows ever produced. A modern day police man suddenly finds himself transformed back to the 60s and working under the legend that is Gene (gene genie) Hunt.

The kids are back giving their honest opinion on some of this year's best TV now last Saturday I was shocked by the early passing of the voice of goggle box and of course the always put upon Denise Royle! Caroline Ahern was a legend and she brought so much laughter to people's lives in her 52 years!


Sad scenes with the funeral of Peggy ( get out of my pubbb) Mitchell with phil giving a speech now unfortunately I missed it as I didn't hit the subtitles button on time so all I heard was him mumbling! Also Kathy Beale meets evil ex Gavin but will she meet her maker again! Also Danielle Westbrook makes a welcome return as Sam Mitchell wearing a dress leaving nothing to the imagination I think she though she was going back into big brother!

Coronation Street
Les Dennis is back and in top comic form but I've a Pheleen this will not last long! Todd Grimshaw has a question for Billy and it's not more tea vicar! Finally Tracey Barlow is up to her tricks again but just how low will Barlow go! We will soon find out!

That's it for this week ...

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