Saturday, July 2, 2016

Update 2nd July

Hello everyone your all very welcome to another instalment of Tadhg TV.

Saturday. RTE1 8.15 Play it by year.
Mike Murphy is back on our screens with a show where you have to answer questions to win prizes unlike Winning Streak where the only question ya need to answer is what is your name?

Sunday. RTE2. 8pm. Euro 16
I was surprised at how good the Icelandic team are! well they certainly kept that oh so quiet !

Monday. Sky Atlantic 9pm
Ray Donovan I know Game of Thrones is over but Ray is back! It's class and has a great cast

Tuesday CBS action 7pm. Mcgyver
It's a very welcome repeat for one of my favourite shows of all time. t was a proper decent TV show and was produced by none other then Henry Wrinkler happy days indeed.

Wednesday. Rte1 9;35. The Field
You know it's the summer when they're repeating this classic. It's good but apparently there was a production of the play In Boyle and it was supposed to be far better!

Thursday. Tv3 10pm. Americas Got Talent
This is the big show. It's wild, weird and always expect the unexpected and that's just the judges never mind the contestants!

Friday. Carrick cinema
Ghostbusters. Another summer weekend another remake but this is different it's an all female cast I bet it will be very good because the effects will be better then they were 20 years ago and also Melissa McCarty is in it and she is ust priceless altogether

The soaps
Like Sarah Louise Platt in Cornation Street are all over the place with the Euros Soccer on, so no reviews this week!

That's it for the week. All the best from Tiger 

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