Saturday, July 23, 2016

Update 23rd July

Welcome to another edition of tadhg TV                                                                                                                          

Saturday  BBC1 - 9:25                                                                                                                             Mrs browns boys   live                                                                                                                            Its the mammy of all  comedies and this time it's screened live as it happened ! That's nice 

Sunday  BBC2 - 8pm
Robot wars 
I don't know what's happening everything that was big in the 90s is making a comeback, Ghostbusters, Pokemon, Robot Wars and of course Oj Simpson! This will be great all the old house robots are back but between ourselves I think they might have had some work done. 

Sky Atlantic 10:10
Last week tonight with John Oliver                    
British comic John keeps us up to date on what's happening stateside in his own unique way

Tuesday wish Atlantic 9pm.  
Finally the rock has come back to TV well in its second series all the actors are good but this but Dwight Johnson is indeed the rock that holds it all together,!

Wednesday   sky sports 7pm
Celtic vs Leisure
Well this is down as a friendly but I don't think any of the teams will want to lose! 

Thursday sky premiere 6pm 
Ant man 
I know another Marvel movie but this one is actually very good I mean for a movie about a man the size of an ant it's big on laughs, action and fun

Sky sports 6pm
WWE  raw
Well wrestling is back and it's as much crack now as it was when I started watching it first with stone cold and company 


Sad week on the square (when isn't  it...) with Paul been stabbed but at least the funeral cost will be low, Ben got shouted at in the pub and I bet he regretted finding his hearing aid after it!

Coronation Street 
Platts are still reeling after Kyle's death and Sarah Louise who is in a home still seems the most stable of them,! Leanne told Simon he is going to be a big brother which is funny because in 10 years times he will probably end up on celebrity big brothers! 

That's all for the week 
Up the Rossies

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